Wheel of fortune with your logo on order

Model GIZA

with a stand on PYRAM PIRAMID wheels

With STANDARD type dial:

Price: 1200,00 EUR

If the wheel of your fortune wheel has more than 8 fields, then the 5,00 EUR should be added to the above price for the additional bolt (stopper) for each subsequent field.

With the EXCHANGE FIELD type dial:

Price: 1400,00 EUR

printed main wheel disk + a set of 8 interchangeable printed fields both sides

+ costs courier shipping:
price depends on the country of delivery

Approximate production time: 21 business days
+ courier service.

Optional for the EXCHANGE FIELD dial:

- Additional set of exchangeable boxes (8 pieces) printed on both sides: 130,00 EUR


Prestigious wheel of fortune,
which will work perfectly in a larger store, shopping mall, airport.
4 independent chisels give the possibility of putting any graphics on each side,
and the wheels in the base allow the free movement of the wheel of fortune within the premises.

The most important information:

• Diameter of the wheel disc: 90 cm (the size may be smaller):

• Base: on four wheels of the PYRAMID SACK type

• Truck: 4 independent walls give the possibility of applying any graphics on each side

• Foldable design for easy transport

• Graphics: Any (individual project included in the price)

• Standard number of fields: 8 (may be more or less)


• Wheel disc material: PVC with a thickness of 10 mm

• Wheel and walls graphics: printed and laminated foil (matte or gloss) - full color CMYK printing

• The height of the whole: about 178 cm

• Trolley (truck) size: 85 cm x 55 cm base, trolley height with 135 cm wheels

• Trolley (truck) walls: dibond material

• Rear wheels with the possibility of blocking

• Structure of the trolley: Steel (possibility of painting on a selected color from the RAL palette)

• Arrow indicating the drawn field in red, white or black

• Bolts (stoppers) separating and stopping the fields: aluminum in light gray

• Weight of the whole: about 40 kg


"STANDARD" shield

has a fixed, printed graphic

Wheel of fortune wheel with a diameter of 90 cm with any graphics.
Type of printing (CMYK): glued foil + mat laminate or gloss.
The size of the blade may be smaller (eg 70 cm).


the ability to exchange fields without any tools

Wheel of fortune wheel with a diameter of 90 cm with 8 pieces of interchangeable boxes.
Interchangeable boxes (3 mm PVC inserts) printed on one or both sides.
Possibility of printing a wheel disc on interchangeable fields.
Option to buy additional sets of inserts (exchangeable boxes).

Below is a mini video showing the exchange of fields:


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